You've seen Krista purchase big homes in California, but her business isn't only about investments, it's also about helping homeowners in need.


No matter what your situation is with your house (underwater, distressed, Notice of Default filed) Krista would like to help you.


Life can happen and any number of things can factor into needing to sell your property and move.


Krista can quickly determine what your home is worth (and why) and will walk you through the process of selling to us without hassles or delays.


Should selling your home be the right decision for you, and your home works for our program, here's our promise to you...











We promise to provide you with a fair market price for your property, NEVER charge you any hidden fees and to close your property quickly!


Contact us today to discuss your situation, your specific needs and to see if your home qualifies for our purchase program.

Home Owners

Krista Garren, from HGTV's reality series Flip It To Win It wants to purchase your property!

Do you have or know of a great deal that you want to make money on? Are you interested in wholesaling property to us using none of your own money or credit AND making money at the same time?


If you have properties under contract and do not want to rehab and sell them yourself, we would love to potetially purchase your wholesale properties! We can close in less than 14 days which makes it easy for you get paid.


We promise never to circumvent or go around you and to provide you with all the documentation for our process, to help you feel secure presenting your deals to us.


Making money with us is easy and you can do it just by finding us deals. It's that simple. We strive to create a win-win relationship for YOU, your seller, and us by developng relationships that translate into repeat business.    


These programs are real and 100% legitimate. Our process is streamlined, hassle free and seeks to provide a win-win relationship for both Savvy Proerties, Inc and YOU!


If you would like to talk with Krista about selling your property, please call her directly at 602.726.8542