Flip It To Win It

Flip It To Win It is one of HGTV's coolest reality TV creations which follows the investing activities of six San Francisco Bay Area teams! Teams have a scant two hours to search, view and decide which properties they will pass on and which ones they'll go for broke with at auction.


Watch Krista battle it out to purchase property at aunction, renovate and resell....the stakes are high and the competition is fierce!


"Flming for Flip It To Win It was exciting, fulfilling and one of the best experiencs of my life. To be part of something which brought attention and focus to what we do for a living and to get to be with such a terrific cast and crew made investing and real estate that much for satisfying!


The film crew followed us constantly during the scouts, walk throughs, rehabs and reveals for each house. It was exciting to know they were capturing everything that was going on. We never knew what we were walking into with each house. In seeing the episodes on TV, I remember again all the little details of each house. It would be hard to pick a favorite house!"